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Get to know our story and the background behind how JBT first started. JustBall started in 2017 with a passion to inspire tennis fans, players and coaches alike. As we reach our 5 year mark, our intentions have never changed.

Hi! We are JustBall Tennis! Our journey started in 2017. We are a team of Tennis coaches that are surrounded by high performance players that both train and compete at National, ITF and Pro level. Because of the amazing accessibility, we wanted to create a platform that shares the talents of hundreds tennis players that come from all across the World. In 2017 we started to post players on our Instagram from both junior level to the professional level. Over a short amount of time we gained a big community that loved being inspired by our passion for sharing the game. 

JustBall has quickly become a leading platform for players to showcase their skills to the World. Alongside promoting these players, we want to help our community by offering our coaching advice within the 4 performance factors (Technical/Tactical/Physical/Mental). We feel we have created the ideal balance between helping players get exposure, inspiring fans as well as helping players along their journey.

We look forward to helping you improve and enabling you to become even more inspired so that your Tennis journey can be maximised to its full potential.


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