5 Tennis Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

1. 70% of rallies last been 1-4 Shots

What a boring sport! Of course, this stat can vary slightly depending on who’s playing. For example, if Andy Murray played Novak Djokovic, that 1-4 would increase as both players are extremely consistent and have similar game styles. Interestingly, this stat could change how the game is taught. Why not teach players to be fit for short, explosive rallies rather than longer ones? That being said, it puts into perspective how good the pros are when their rallies are sometimes 20 if not 30+ Shots per rally.

2. 80% of Shots are played 2.5m away from the previous shot

No way! Not only are points short, the shots themselves aren’t that far away from each other! Again, this can change teaching styles. Why not teach a player to move efficiently in small spaces rather than efficiently in large spaces? Tennis fans applaud their favorite players as amazing athletes and as their heroes, and rightly so, yet actually, they don’t run very far do they! It’s amazing to think that these superior athletes make it look so effortless in such small spaces.

3. If a tennis match lasted an hour, the ball would actually be in play for an average of 8 minutes.

If you don’t play Tennis and want to know a bit about it to wet the appetite, don’t read this one! With rallies being so short and most tournament using a time frame between points (20 seconds), there’s no wonder the ball actually isn’t in play for very long.

4. In a 2007 US Open match, Roger Federer went through 105 consecutive points without making an unforced error!

I mean, come on! If I was playing. It would be 105 consecutive unforced errors made! This just shows the pure class of the man, and not only him. It proves just how good and how consistent the best players are. They simply train not to miss. Imagine the superior psychology over your opponent when you’re simply not making errors. Even at the top level, to not make an unforced error for that long is totally outrageous!

5. When receiving a shot, judging the ball direction is made 8ft from contact.

This is a pretty cool one. So let’s say your opponent hits the ball. As the ball leaves the racket, the receiving player should start to move in the direction of the ball. This decision is made when the ball has traveled 8ft. Of course, top players have high anticipation levels, therefore the 8ft could possibly become 6ft and so on. At the pace top players hit, this is extremely quick.

So there you have it! Some interesting facts that aren’t quite so well known! These facts 100% change how we think about the game.

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