5 Things That Can Improve Your Serve

The serve is one of the most important shots in the game. It’s the only shot that players have full control over, therefore it’s essential that the serve is being maximised to its full potential. Here are 5 tips to consider that might help your serve: 


1. The power comes from the legs up 

Power comes from the ground up. Meaning that using the legs is essential to explosive power. When you throw the ball up, bend down and explode up to the ball. 

2. 50:30:20 ratio

Serve placement is key as it can win you cheap points it’s and it can set up the next shot. Therefore we use this ratio to monitor the serve. 50% serve to backhand, 30% to Forehand and 20% to the body. Of course there are exeptions to every rule so this is just a general idea.

3. Serve & Volley for uncertainty 

To create uncertainty on your opponent, you must do something 30% of the time. S&V adds an element of surprise and you might find that once you’ve approached the net, you’re winning points without even hitting a volley.

4. Move back and split step after 2nd Serve 

Good players anticipate and read the game well. When they hit a second serve, they naturally drop just behind the baseline and then split step. This helps them control the time after a more attacking return has been hit at them. 

5. Have a routine

This isn’t as simple as it sounds. Djokovic doesn’t bounce the ball 22 times just for the sake of it. He is releasing negative energy, and turning into positive thoughts. Same as Sharapova. She excessively breathes pre-serve, probably for muscle relaxation. So develop a routine, but do it FOR A REASON. The reason should be personal to you.





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