A few quick tennis tips to help you improve

For a quick read, here are some of our top Tennis tips to help you improve your game.

1. Hit to opponents backhand more often.

Its been shown that the player who hits more forehands during a match increases there chances of winning tremendously. Volley to backhand, serve to backhand, hit your forehand to backhand, Literally hammer their backhand.

2. Breathe out when you hit.

Breathing out through contact helps muscle relaxation. When we are anxious or uncertain, our muscles tense. This results in a lack of control and panic. Breathing out helps muscle tension and also rhythm.

3. Practice how you want to play.

This is easier said than done. It's important that you practice exactly how you want to perform and look on the tennis court during training as this will mirror on the match court and won't feel unfamiliar.

4. Know yourself well, as this will be the toughest opponent you will play. 

It's important to have an on-court identity and to know your strengths and weaknesses as one of the biggest obstacles on the match court is ourself and our own thoughts. By understanding yourself better you can familiarise your emotions and deal with them when it matters the most. 

5. Push yourself harder in training than you do in a match.

This is similar to the other tips, as once again, it helps familiarise yourself with the stressful situations you can find yourself in on the match court. 

6. Dominate the net tape in Doubles.

When you next play Doubles, go into the match with the mindset of dominating the net tape. This gives you access to be confident around the net. This, in turn, will help your skill set, confidence and maybe the result of the match.

7. Spend as little time hitting down the middle during your training sessions. 

70% of shots are played 2.5m away from the last one. With most shots being played on the backhand side, this means that it is essential you practice patterns and movements on areas of the court that you will find yourself in on the match court. Of course, start with a 2 minute hit down the middle to feel the ball, but move on quickly.

8. Vary your serve more often.

Its been proven that to create uncertainty (which leads to muscle tension as we explained earlier in this blog) we need to do vary something 30% of the time. Let's say you have two favorite spots to hit on the serve, hit them of course, but every now and then hit the opposite spot, serve and volley and even kick a first serve in for a varied effect.

9. Improve on your awareness of when to hit hard, same or soft.

Even professional players very rarely hit the ball as hard as they can. That's because of the stresses of the point, the different heights, spins, and power they are receiving, they must counter that with their own differences of pace. If your opponent hits hard, look to hit hard or same pace back. Hitting hard off a powerful shot received is like putting fire on top of a fire.


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