Developing Excellence & Professionalism

Mini Pro

It is essential for aspiring young athletes to develop a level of professionalism as early as possible. Champions act like champions before they are champions. Therefore, becoming a ‘mini pro’ is paramount to success.

Becoming a mini pro has various aspects that occur both off and on the Tennis court.

Off court

  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Setting aside time or organizing a program for the gym and S+C
  • Preparing for your matches the night before
  • Gripping rackets, Filling up water bottles, packing a towel, taking a roller, organizing and laying out match clothes
  • Taking a lead, or self-organizing your tournament schedule
  • Not accepting being normal

On court

  • Being the first to arrive at training and the last to leave
  • Arrive before the individual or group lesson to physically warm up
  • Ensuring a good physical warm-up is done before both training and matches
  • Be hot and a slightly sweaty before going on the match court
  • Always cooling down at the side of the court
  • Getting up early for matches and eating a solid breakfast
  • Expecting yourself to beat better players
  • To be obsessed with training at a higher level than your previous session

Becoming ‘Famous’

The Tennis world is a very small world. Therefore it's essential to develop something that you will be known for amongst fellow players. This gives you something to develop every session that will help character and identity.

Watch Tennis

It has been proven that watching sport allows people to learn and try new skills. It is human nature to copy, as humans learn by copying other humans. Watching Tennis helps develop new skills. It also creates an inner passion for what they're doing and gives them inspiration and a purpose to do something better. When at home and you have some time, or in between matches at a tournament, put youtube on and watch some Tennis clips. The ability to ‘Talk Tennis’ shows an inner love for the game as well as a higher level of knowledge and dedication.

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