Love Means Zero Film Review

Documentary film “love means zero” was released earlier this year to positive response. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s worth a watch, especially if you’re a tennis coach. Read our review: 


“Love means zero documents infamous Tennis and life coach Nick Bollettieri’s rise from caretaker to one of the most well known sporting coaches ever. Going into this film, we were expecting an hour and a half of Nick telling us his secrets to creating players. However we didn’t get this, and we were instead took on a rollercoaster ride with Nick, who explains the magnitude of his relationship with one of his most successful players, Andre Agassi. Unfortunately we don’t hear from Agassi throughout the film, however we get plenty of insight from Nick and from his former players. 


For the first half hour of the film we see how Nick got involved in Tennis, and how he started the IMG academy in America. It’s here where we see how basic his coaching is, but how ruthless his attitude is towards mentality and work ethic. He openly says how he knows very little about Tennis coaching and the details, but more about how to become a better person, which as a result has helped his players become the best Tennis players of their generation. His ruthlessness is on show when we’re shown an interview from Jim Courier, who was at the academy at the same time as Andre Agassi. Coincidentally, Courier and Agassi played each other at Wimbledon with Bollettieri in the players box cheering only for his “favourite”, Agassi. 


As the documentary goes on, we’re left with a powerful message from Nick who explains some of his philosophy’s. He explains how players respond differently to different words and how players should approach their matches with the right mindset. We’re left touched by the emotion nick shows us when he is reading out a segment from Agassi’s autobiography about how their relationship ended badly. 


Love means zero is a definite watch, giving us an insight into the personality and mind of one of the most successful sports coaches ever. The hour and a half length didn’t feel long enough, and it left us feeling like we needed to know more from Nick. However, it’s fascinating to watch how Nick has changed the way academy’s work in today’s game, and how his relationship with Agassi blossomed at at the start but ended so sharply. 8/10.

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