Shorter sets and no line judges. Is this the future of Tennis?

When hawk eye was first used several years ago, fans applauded its versatility and accuracy. It abolished controversies, very similar to how goal line technology did when that was first used across worldwide football leagues. So far, Hawkeye is being used only when the point has been challenged by a player. The line judge will have called the ball in/out and the player will challenge respectively. Hawkeye will then show the audience and players the correct result/outcome. But can a computer control everything and not just disputes? The game is developing at a fast rate, and there a people in high places who discuss ways in how the game can be improved. Why does it “need” improving you may ask? Tennis may not have the same fan base as sports such as football and soccer, therefore there is always room for improvement when it comes down to its fan base. We also have to consider the players. There have been more injuries throughout the 2017 calendar than ever before. Is this because of the grueling amount of tournaments players are now competing in? Is it because the matches that they are playing are too long?

Read the following article written by “the Wall Street Journal” to understand why and how the game could potentially change over the next few years.

We would be very interested to know your thoughts on the changes, and if you feel they will impact the game in a good way or a negative way.

Read the full article here:

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