Angry Tennis Players

Angry Tennis Players

Some say Tennis is 90% a mental sport. With those stats it’s easy to understand why some players can’t control their temper. Watch here some of the best players in the world show their angry side.
John Isner Same Groth Return of Serve JustBall Tennis

Returning a Pro Tennis Serve

Ever wondered how the Pros return serves that are 120mph+? Watch this video from 'The Guardian Sport' to understand the theory behind it. This might even help you improve your return of serve!
Best Points of Wimbledon 2018 JustBall Tennis

Best Points From Wimbledon 2018

Another year has flown by. This year we’ve been suprised by the two new Wimbledon champions, who, along with the other players, have also played a big part in the amazing rallies through out the championships. Watch here.
Novak Djokovic Serve funny video - justball tennis

Hilarious video of Djokovic serve

Watch this hilarious video of Novak Djokovic preparing to serve. When both Djokovic and serving come up in conversation, what’s the first thing everyone thinks? You guessed it, the ball bouncing.