The Future Big Four

In 2003, Roger Federer became the Wimbledon darling with his maiden title. He then continued to win the tournament 5 times in a row, and this is just Wimbledon alone. To this date, Federer has now compiled 20 grand slam titles, 27x ATP 1000s, 20x ATP 500s & 25x ATP 250s. That is an obscene amount of winners medals.

Then along came Rafael Nadal, who, with Roger, has created possibly the best rivalry in not just Tennis, but in all sport. Nadal is now on 61 ATP titles as well as 17 grand slam titles.

That brings us onto Novak Djokovic & Andy Murray. Djokovic has 13 Grand Slam titles and 51 ATP titles. Murray, on the other hand has 3 grand slam titles, 2 olympic medals and 39 ATP titles.

These kind of figures usually come about from just one player at a time, and usually are a decade or two in between. However we have been blessed with 4 at once. This really goes to show the true dominance these 4 players have had on the tour. 

So that gives us our next question. With Federer closing in on his 37th birthday, Rafa, Novak and Andy at 32, and 31yo respectively, who do you think will dominate the game for the next decade?

Lets say that these 4 players retire within the next 3 years. Federer, surely? (We've said that before!). Who is coming up from the NextGen? Which players are good enough to not only be a winner, but to dominate.

We consider these players to be on the fringes. Alexander Zverev, Denis Shapovalov, Hyeon Chung, Kyle Edmund, Nick Kyrgios and Dominic Thiem, we believe, all have the potential to become grand slam winners. But do they have the potential to dominate like their 4 predecessors? 

We need to appreciate how good the big four players are. There might not be a time where 4 players dominate like these 4 have, therefore we really do need to appreciate what we have.

An interesting topic to discuss, is how will Tennis change when those 4 players retire? We believe, that the ATP champions will become more balanced like the WTA and we will see different winners over the calendar year and both Grand Slam and ATP events.

If we could pick one player to become a dominator, it would be Nick Krygios, however, with his temperament, we will just never know.

We would love to hear your feedback for who you believe will not only become a champion of the game, but also a dominant force of the sport. Leave your comment below.....




  • Zverev Theim Shapovalov and Coric (with Chung making a once in a while run for the top)

  • Edmund,de minuar,Coric but at no1 me

  • Thiem, Zverev, Coric and me


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