Women Players Make The Same Sacrifices As Men

As an ambassador for women’s sport, Andy Murray has always been vocal with feelings towards equality. Recently, Murray has approached the press to talk about how women players make the same sacrifices as men. As a sports man or woman, each individual has to make sacrifices in order to fulfil their dreams and succeed at the top level. What are these sacrifices? Leaving home, losing friends, not going to parties, missing out on relationships to name a few. Regardless of gender, players at the top level of Tennis, and even those who are working their way up the circuit, are constantly sacrificing something in one way or another. Women have to play as much as men, which in tennis terms, should be, and usually is over 20 hours a week.

Lets not forget that for professional Tennis players playing full time, it really is full time. It almost consumes your life if player are travelling and competing in different countries. Anybody in any job around the world has to make sacrifices to fulfil their career or simply to allow them to live a happy life, and its the same for both men and women. To think that women don’t make these sacrifices is ludicrous. To say that women don’t work as hard and don’t commit as much as men is an incredibly unfair statement. At a younger age, boys are playing with girls, they are training for the same amount of time, and are travelling away with their coaches and parents regularly. As a player myself, I used to spend every weekend travelling around the country competing in tournaments. I would quickly build up friendships at these competitions as you would regularly see the same players around you, also competing. Some of my closest friends are women and they have dedicated as much time, if not more time than some of the male players.

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