The future big 4 JustBall Tennis

The Future Big Four

Who is coming up from the NextGen? Which players are good enough to not only be a winner, but to dominate. Comment your future Big 4.
tennis frustration

How to be comfortable when you're uncomfortable

As we all know, Tennis is arguably the most intense, emotional and draining sports, therefore it is imperative to be mentally strong and complete...
Toronto ATP Event USA Tennis college Just Ball Tennis

British & American Universities: How are they different?

Thousands of players from the UK want to turn professional, and a lot of them want to use the US college system as a route.
Andre Agassi Supercoach

The Era of The 'Super Coach'

Over the last 5 years, the term, ‘supercoach’ has become more prevalent then ever before. Its now the norm to see top players involve a ‘supercoa...
US Open Tennis Rod Laver Arena

Thousands of players, hundreds of tournaments, yet little reward

Tennis, in our mind, is THE hardest sport to become successful. One of the biggest issues is the money that is involved.
Anna Kournikova Women's Tennis equality JustBall Tennis

Women Players Make The Same Sacrifices As Men

Women make the same sacrifices as men when it comes to their Tennis journey.
Borg vs McEnroe Film Review

Borg vs McEnroe Film Review

The latest Tennis film to showcase in cinemas. Here is our review.
Roger Federer showing his talent on clay - JustBall Tennis

Are athletes born with ‘natural talent’?

So what is it that makes some athletes more talented than others? Are these athletes “born” with this natural ability? Has Federer been born with the ability to play the way he does? Of course he hasn’t. 
Line Judges in Tennis - JustBall

Shorter sets and no line judges. Is this the future of Tennis?

The game is ever-changing, with new rules and guidelines being trialed around the world.
Tips to help you compete justball tennis

Here’s a simple trick to help you stay carefree when competing

So, you’ve entered a tournament that begins in 8 weeks. Training begins positively. You start eating well, your fitness programme has increased and you’re starting to hit the ball well. Confidence is high. Fast forward 5 weeks and you receive an email. “Your first match will be on the 18th of December at 9 am. Please press here to see the draw”.
Novak Djokovic Serve funny video - justball tennis

Hilarious video of Djokovic serve

Watch this hilarious video of Novak Djokovic preparing to serve. When both Djokovic and serving come up in conversation, what’s the first thing everyone thinks? You guessed it, the ball bouncing.

Teaching Styles: Model Based Approach vs Game Based Approach

Teaching Styles: Model Based Approach vs Game Based Approach

When we apply teaching styles to the tennis court, there are two main approaches that are predominantly used. Let’s go through them.