What We Do

Our background is in performance coaching. Over time we have built up knowledge from around the world in high-performance training and we regularly train and teach players of all abilities. In early 2017, JustBall Tennis was created. Using our passion and expertise in Tennis, we share interesting content that includes blogs, articles, pro videos, products, news, reviews, and podcasts. 

Our Instagram page currently has 43,000 followers, many of whom use us as a support for their inspiration and enjoyment. Our Instagram page has one aim - ‘Connect You To Tennis Across The Globe’. We are lucky that players, fans, and coaches from around the World send us their videos, as it has created a community for viewers to be inspired. 

If you want to watch videos of players from across the world, including amateur, semi-professional and professional players, this is the place for you. If you want to watch other coaches share their drills, or even if you want to get better at the game by improving your performance, then this is the place for you. 

Be sure to get involved as we love everything Tennis, and we take pride in sharing each persons passion through our growing community.