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If you haven’t been to Wimbledon, it’s absolutely essential that you go. We’ve been to all four of the grand slams, and although they’re all special in their own right, Wimbledon just edges it as the most unique and beautiful grand slam. It’s also one of the most beautiful sporting events in the World let alone just in Tennis. But what makes it so good? And why should you spend your money on this grand slam over the others?

The Grass Courts

First of all, it’s important to note that the grass courts at Wimbledon are some of the best courts in the world. The groundsmen at the Lawn tennis association work year round to make sure the grass courts are kept in perfect condition. Each blade on the 54 million individual plants are trimmed to a low eight millimeters in height, with the groundsmen cutting the grass 3 times a week so it keeps its perfect look.

Let’s also not forget that the majority of tennis courts worldwide are either hard courts or clay courts. Meaning that juniors and amateurs are used to the hard or high bouncing surfaces that the other 3 majors are played on. This brings even more prestige to the grass courts at Wimbledon as the grass surface becomes even more of a novelty. If you haven’t played on grass, we highly recommend it. Grass courts are known to be low bouncing, with volleys and drop shots especially effective. With the ball staying incredibly low, it also means that a low slice can also be extremely effective against opponents, therefore players have to use different skills that they otherwise may use on other surfaces.

It’s the players favourite slam

There’s a reason that all of the players on both the ATP and WTA tour prioritise Wimbledon in their tournament schedule. Players are looked after on an unprecedented scale. The practice courts at Aorangi park are as good as the match courts and players have the luxury of living in houses and apartments in the local areas surrounding Surrey. Surrey is one of the most luxurious and sought after areas in London.

It’s important to note that from previous interviews with the top players that we have seen, many of them state that when they were children, they dreamt of winning Wimbledon. This adds to the drama that unfolds during the championships. How many matches have we seen at Wimbledon where players can find that extra gear in the 3rd (for women) or 5th set (for men). Could that be down to the players knowing they’re playing at Wimbledon? Of course these players will experience that all the majors, but there’s something that brings out the best in them at Wimbledon. Remember when Djokovic beat Federer in the 2019 final 13-12? There was something so classic about that match that only Wimbledon can encapsulate.


Have you ever been to any of the other majors? The grand slams in tennis bring in some of the most highly sought after and highly paid commercial deals at any sporting event. This means that merchandise, tv rights and marketing are all highly prevalent. However at Wimbledon, there is a different outlook to the commercial and advertising packages, all of which are monitored by the lawn tennis association. Wimbledon has very much a local club feel, compared to the other majors which have a more of a park, or complex feel to them. This means there aren’t any stalls selling merchandise, there are minimal advertising boards and there aren’t major companies imprinting their logos around the club. This all adds to the tradition and novelty of what makes Wimbledon all about the tennis.

Let’s also not forget the all whites that are a prerequisite for all of the players. This is only found at the championships. White must be worn and logos must be kept to an absolute minimum. 'Tennis whites' at Wimbledon reportedly date back to the 1800s. The tournament started in 1877, and in this Victorian era, it was believed white would be the ideal colour for players to wear. White clothing would prevent or minimise sweat stains visible on the players clothes. The rule has never changed.

Media at the championships is also very limited. Media passes are given to an exclusive amount of people, as the all England club like to reserve their own rights and exclusivity to fans around the world.

Proximity to the players

Usually at the grand slams, there is an idea that the best matches and best experiences are on the show courts, such as Arthur Ashe and Suzanne Lenglen. This isn’t wrong. However, for the avid tennis fan, there’s something about being up close to the players that makes you feel like you’re hitting a forehand with them. Considering it’s a grand slam, Wimbledon offers, by far, the best opportunity to get up close and personal with the best players in the world. If you venture down to the outside courts, you’ll find yourself watching the matches within touching distance of the tramlines. Unlike events like the US Open, where the practice courts are separated by glass windows (let’s not forget Arthur Ashe is absolutely huge) Wimbledon allows viewers to sit within 3 metres of the doubles tramline. This gives fans the opportunity to get as close as they can to their favourite players, and to really feel the match as it unfolds. Even Centre Court at Wimbledon has that feel that you are amongst it with the players and other spectators. Centre court is wider than it is higher, meaning that if you sit far away from the court, you are still close enough to feel the atmosphere and drama of the match. The grand slam court capacity stats are as follows:

Philip Chatrier: 15,225

Arthur Ashe Stadium: 23,771

Rod Laver Arena: 14,820

Centre Court: 14,979

This makes centre court at Wimbledon one of the smallest show courts of all of the grand slams. But don’t be fooled, the smaller the better, and the smaller capacity also means more exclusivity and atmosphere.

We hope you enjoyed our read on why we think Wimbledon is the best grand slam in the world, and what makes it so special. Are you going this year? We would love to know if you are and your stories from your experiences throughout the championships. Comment below on your experiences of why you think Wimbledon is so special.

For those that haven’t been, make sure you buy your ticket, Wimbledon won’t let you down.



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