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Roger Federer Movement Blueprint (EBook)

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Download our Roger Federer Movement Blueprint. Understand the movement skills that have made Roger Federer move so efficiently and effectively. This EBook has a rare insight into how Federer moves as it has been produced by Experts. There isn’t any information like this on YouTube or on other Tennis websites. 

What's inside?

We have included 5 key movement skills that Federer uses the most on the match court. These 5 movement skills contribute to what makes him look so effortless on the court. The blueprint explains how good movement is the key to Federer’s success. Also included is a step by step guide to understanding each movement skill as well as a section that explains how you can learn these skills and implement them into your own Tennis performance.

How it can help your game

The 5 key movements can help you improve your game with better performances and results. A good mover is paramount to being a good Tennis player. When we look at Roger Federer, we know he moves so effortlessly, but not many people know how. This blueprint gives you in-demand, detailed and rare knowledge so that you can move more efficiently and effectively during your matches.

  • Move with more guile 
  • Allows your body to hit with more momentum 
  • Move quicker
  • Recover to the middle faster
  • Look and move like the Pros
  • Have greater shot efficacy


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