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Tennis Fitness EBook

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Download our fitness EBook to help improve your overall fitness, and to specifically improve all of the attributes needed for high-level Tennis performance. Our EBook has been created by Strength trainers and Tennis coaches, who currently work with both National and beginner players who regularly work on their Tennis fitness. A bonus feature is that, apart from Tennis balls, no equipment is needed to complete the exercises!

  • Get to shots you didn't think you could
  • Run faster
  • Hit the ball harder
  • Train for longer
  • Win more matches
  • Stay injury free
  • And more...
What's inside

10 specific exercises that have been identified and proven to improve your fitness in all key areas that are needed on the court such as the arms, legs, and core. We have also included an extra page for you to complete with your coach, with exercises that combine coordination as well as speed, strength, endurance, and flexibility.

How to use

The EBook is perfect for players on the go, as you can carry the EBook on your mobile device. We recommend either combining the exercises with your on-court training or as a warm-up. The EBook is ideal for coaches who want to incorporate fitness into the Tennis lessons. 



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    Can carry it around with me

    Love how I can keep it on my phone for when I got to matches and use the exercises as a warm up.