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Unlike the full match analysis, this version is analysing just the match highlights. 


One of the most underused applications for development is match analysis. The match court is where it all happens, and this environment is where players can learn the most about themselves. With a team of travelling coaches at JustBall Tennis, we regularly provide players with match analysis to help them improve quickly, and effectively. Send us your match video, and have one of our coaches analyse your match and give an appropriate action plan to help you level up your Tennis. 


Send us your video

Whether its highlights of the match, or the complete match from start to finish, send us your video so that our coaches can watch and analyse your game within the four performance factors


Coach Analysis

Our coaches work predominantly on the ITF circuit, and regularly provide in match and post match feedback. Firstly we will ask you for your goals so that our feedback is in relation to where you want to improve. From there we will use our scouting document (to fully understand your game as if we were playing against you) and our in house analytical software to help you understand the technical areas of your game that may need improvement.


Feedback to you

We use professional observation documents, goal setting sheets and action plans. All of the information we provide will include an in depth look at the match, what your strengths are, what your weaknesses are (and how to improve them) and ultimately ways for you to win more points based on your game.

Also included is a match stat report which provide you with stats of your 1st & 2nd serve %, aggressive margin, returns in play, net approaches won, points won & lost, serve and groundstroke placement as well as a momentum chart.


Our aim


Our aim is to provide players with what is essentially a digital travelling coach. Many players don't have the luxury of a coach watching, supporting and analysing their match. We want to be able to provide players with that benefit, so that you can improve quickly. Players biggest learning curve comes from both the match and from the post match feedback.


We don't just want to stop there once the analysis is over. We believe It's important to stay connected with you so that we can further enhance the learning and development of your game. Once we have given you your feedback and you have played your next match, both you and our coaches will report to each other on how the feedback helped and how it can be developed even more so that your game is on a continuous improvement trajectory.


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