About Us

JustBall Tennis was founded in April 2017 by two Tennis coaches from London, UK. After a short amount of time, JustBall became a popular destination for Tennis players of all levels to watch and find their favourite players and other, like-minded people. Today, JustBall produces and shares inspirational content to viewers across the World.

It all started from two performance coaches in London, who wanted to share their passion and expertise with the world. 

Josh is 27yo from Sheffield. Josh started playing Tennis when he was 10yo and has competed at National Level. He also played for his University and currently competes for his County team. Josh quickly passed his coaching qualifications and became a Senior Performance Coach in 2016. Josh now works with some of the best juniors in the South East. His favourite players are Roger Federer, Denis Shapovalov & Justine Henin.

Brett is 28yo and was born in South East London. Brett started playing Tennis at 8yo and also competed at National Level. Brett took his Level 4 in 2015 working alongside elite coach Louis Cayer, and currently works with some of the best players in the South East. Brett’s favourite players are Roger Federer and Petra Kvitova.